Do not mess with the dead!!!!ombiesecured - The Origins

What is Zombiesecured?

Thank you for taking the time to visit our little project. Zombie is written and developed by Kevin Dziekonski. Mr. Dziekonski serves as a expert technical guide for researchers, innovators and enterprising entrepreneurs. Additionally, serving in advisory roles for senior executive leadership, board members of multi-national corporations and non-profits. Appreciating the chance of participating in ground breaking management and technical developments over the years, Mr. Dziekonski created this site for giving back to the community.

Zombiesecured is a free educational site dedicated to raising the level of knowledge concerning information security best practices for people and organizations across the globe. We constantly hear about corporations and government entities being hacked and all of our information being freely exchanged without our knowledge or permission. We are tired of the Governments and Corporations of the world not upholding their responsibilities with our personal, health, biometric and financial information. For some reason, most corporations and governments entities spend very little on security and think it is cheaper to pay a fine than implement an enterprise information assurance, security and identity program. This is a false pretense and it is slowly starting to sink in, a hack may in fact end your company as you know it. Most corporations have very few information security people with deep skills and knowledge. Not sure why this is the case, but hopefully this effort will pay off for all of us in the end. Corporations and Government entities no longer have the excuse for poor security postures when so much knowledge is being shared for free.

How did Zombie get started?

I would like to thank Drew Katana, whom I had the pleasure to work for in consulting services for three years. He is the person who originally asked me to write a procedure for securing Apache. The first version of zombiesecured was a single page with one very long procedure. Hard to picture now. He pushed me to grow and frankly I made his life tough trying to serve as a change agent within an organization. Nothing but props and respect for him.

Prior Contributors:

Jim Marshall for his help with refinements for the Identity Governance article and just plain old good ideas.
Eiad Al-Aldel, whom I spent a year and half as his teacher for IAM. He helped to develop the original NGINX CLI commands.

Disclaimers and spoiler alerts!

This site is meant to be open and honest about some of the issues we are facing in the cybersecurity field. There are opinions, ratings, and recommendations contained within the site. We may get a little snarky here and there but our intention was\is not to disrespect any person or entity intentionally.
Zombie is to be honest, full of spelling mistakes, uncompleted sections and so forth. Find anything which needs correcting, please feel free to reach out to the webmaster at zombiesecured for these concerns.

Disclosure - Who is Zombie Security?

This site is a personal effort and is not associated with or represent any other organization. If you would like to join our effort, please feel free to reach out.