Identity Access Management

Setting Goals for Performance Improvement

Choose your impact

IAM Program Governance Performace Improvement Goal Setting

Performance improvement is transformation. The following are six high impact areas.

  1. The function consuming the most resources to perform
  2. The function with potential to save the most money
  3. The function that is key to providing service
  4. The function needing the most improvement
  5. The function attracting the most feedback
  6. The function drawing concern from users

Be crystal clear

Performance improvement should be understood by all audiences.  Using these guidelines will provide a consistent understanding of the metric and the improvement.

  1. Performance information should be concise while still thorough
  2. Illustrate changes in performance with tables, charts, and graphs
  3. Provide explanations to describe factors and conditions that influence the results
  4. Provide guidance to using and interpreting the measurements
  5. Segment the measurements by the different audiences measured

Without clarity, performance measures are simply statistics.

These guidelines are explained in greater depth in the following sections.